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Much of what we do is based upon building partnerships. We utilize existing relationships and our network of contacts extensively. As a result of having many years of experience, we've created a global database of senior level exectuives that are looking for their next great opportunity.


Are you in the need of a CxO level person? How about a direct report or staffing a business or technology team? Well then, you've found the right company. At RAVIA Global Serivices, we connect you with top people in your industry by clearly understanding your specific needs and requirements. We then search our global database and consult with you directly on your expectations and provide you with our results.


We have an extensive amount of global experience to source and place consultants, contractors and direct hire candidates into work environments. We've also helped individuals looking for a full service agency to help represent them, so we can help place those individuals as well. 

At RAVIA Global Services, we've spent a lot of time working with and calling on subject matter experts (SMEs) and solution architects (SAs) to ensure our solutions that we're providing are innovative and tranformational by nature for your orginization. As a result, we have access to all types of business & technical resources with many years of experience, expertise and hold a multitude of certifications. 

By having industry knowledge and technological expertise helps ensure we only identify the best possible candidates for your opens positions, increasing your productivity and removing your staffing pain points. We understand, we have lived through it and we get it! We have what it takes to be your true business partner and we'll commit to it!

Analytics & Big Data, BPM, BPO/ITO, Cyber & Network Security, CRM/ERP Integration,
Data Warehousing, IT Infrastructure Services, Higher Education, Banking & Finance, Retail
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