At RAVIA Global Technologies, We offer a range of Business & IT Consulting Services designed

to transform your company and to help achieve its business goals and initiatives. Whether you're

looking for a small improvement, exploring with new digital technology or looking to build a complete

strategy to overhaul your business, we can help! Our solutions are personalized to your specific needs

and requirements. 


We execute where others seem to fade away! With over 30+ years of experience, our associates have experience in both high growth environments as well as situations where cost efficiency is paramount. Our varied experience in core business, IT processes and technologies will benefit your organization!

RAVIA Global Technologies is headquartered in New York, NY and Montclair, NJ USA and is that partner of choice for your organization. As your trusted partner that has a global reach, we have a highly trained and skilled team of individuals that knows and clearly understands how to deliver extreme satisfaction, business & technology transformation and innovation to your organization.


We truly care about your company and it's reputation as it was our own!

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Over Thirty Years ago, the partners envisioned an organization that could make a positive difference in today's world. Where highly specialized and self-motivated individuals can work together towards a common goal. Which is to do the right thing for our clients that reinforces our commitment to achieve your ideas of success. At RAVIA Global Technologies, we understand that working for an organization is very important to your livelihoods. So, we're consistently driven to focus on delivering value and the most successful business outcomes to enhance your bottom line.

Our services are at the heart of our organization. Our focus and methodology to delivering these services extends beyond our business and IT expertise. Regardless of which industry we operate in, we will employ operational experts that know the business, will know how to evaluate and manage our cost structure, make appropriate adjustments to the solution and it's architecture and will recommend ways to enhance or expand your business into new markets.

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Our talented and industry-leading Business/IT service teams are self-motivated, professional workforce with market-specific knowledge and expertise that creates value and a market advantage for our clients, customers and partners. By maintaining and receiving industry-leading certifications and training, our collaborative management process is aligned with market demands, ensuring our operations consider local to global market conditions when leveraging technology and work processes in order to improve efficiencies within your organization.

We mange and deploy new information system technologies to our operation and delivery teams in order to improve shared services and expedite the delivery of our services to our clients. We support our business by maintaining a careful balance between centralized and decentralized technology that enables us to closely control operational systems, manage risk, protect the confidentiality of data, the integrity of that data in a leveraged way and reduce technology expenses. This allows RAVIA Global Technologies the ability to increase it's decision-making and improves adaptability to local and global conditions.

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